Why use Sitecity

Sitecity is a bookmarking platform to keep track of all your interest around the web, easy to use, reliable and even more!

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Multi browser

Use Sitecity on every browser,manage,add and share your favs on every pc or mac,from home or from work. Wherever you are,your favourites links will be always with you!

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Bookmarks on the go

Sitecity allow you to add favs very quickly and easily. Just right click on a page and add it.Easy,fast and safe,even on your phone.

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Save your favs in folder and organize them by category.

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Share social

Sitecity is social!
Share your favs with your friends using facebook or twitter.

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Mobile App

Sitecity is mobile. Fully builded in jquery mobile you can navigate like using chrome app and add new one directly.

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Chrome extension

The Chrome web extension is the best way to use Sitecity. Dedicated and intuitive interface makes it easier,just one click to add whatever you want in your collection.

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Import bookmarks*

Import your existing bookmarks from Chrome into Sitecity and keep them organized in one place.

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Read offline*

Save your bookmarks for offline visualization.

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Label bookmarks*

Add a dash of color to your bookmarks.

*Available soon